How to Link to a Donation Page

Last Updated: May 14, 2018 03:11PM PDT

Linking to a Donation Page is simple. Every Donation Page has its own unique URL. To demonstrate how to link your Classy Donation Page, we'll walk through how to find your page URL and then use it in an email appeal. Note, that this applies for any page or button you'd like to link, even a main donate button on your site.

1. Find Your URL

If you're working in the classic version of Classy's backend system, navigate to your Fundraising Tab and select Manage next to the campaign you'd like to copy the URL from.

If you're working in the new backend system, Classy Manager, navigate to the Campaigns tab and click on the campaign you'd like to copy the URL from. 

2. Copy the URL

Now that you're in the Overview Tab of your campaign, select Copy Campaign URL from the menu on the right.

3. Add the Link to Your Email, Blog Post or Web Page

In this example, we're pasting the URL into an email appeal. 

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