How do I edit my fundraising page?

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2017 09:58AM PST

Editing your individual fundraising page is easy! Use this guide to help get your page ready to shine.

1. Login to your Classy Account
2. Manage Your Fundraising Page
3. Edit Your Page
4. Add Media


1. Login to your Classy Account

Log into your individual fundraising page by clicking the “login” button.

​2. Manage Your Fundraising Page

Under the “my fundraisers” section, select the fundraising page you would like to access by clicking manage.

3. Edit Your Page

From the fundraiser dashboard, click on Edit My Page located on the horizontal black bar in the middle of your screen.

You can change the name that appears on your page, your page title, the page end date, and your fundraising goal. If you want to, you can even create a Custom Page URL for your page (e.g.

Remember these settings can be changed at any time so don't feel like any of this information is permanent if you change your mind!

A. Fundraiser Display Name: This it the name that will appear on your fundraising page. It does not have to match the name associated with your Classy account, and is most commonly used to display nicknames or other creative monikers.

B. Page Title: This is the headline that will appear on your fundraising page.

C. Fundraising Goal: How much are you hoping to fundraise? Shoot for the stars here; your friends and family might surprise you with their support! Remember, you can always come back and adjust your fundraising goal at any point if you find that you were a little bit overly optimistic, or if you underestimated the generosity of your loved ones.

D. Fundraising End Date: How long do you want this fundraising party to last? 1 month? 3 years? Forever?! Be sure to set an end date for your Fundraising Page here.

E. Custom URL: Setting a Custom URL makes it easy to direct friends and family to your Fundraising Page! This URL is unique to your page and can be any creative combination of letters and numbers.

F. Profile picture: Your profile picture for the campaign can be different from your member profile picture. The recommended size is 300px by 300px.

G. My Story: This is your opportunity to explain why you are fundraising for this particular cause. Is there a particular way you will be fundraising, like running a marathon, or fundraising in lieu of wedding gifts? Write that here!

H. Thank you Email: While Thank You emails can be sent from Classy, these messages are fixed and cannot be customized. If you would prefer to send your own personalized email, we recommend using your personal email. 

4. Add Media

You can also add videos and images to the media section of your fundraising page. Keep in mind that there are only 5 slots in this section for media shared between you and the organization with the organization's media taking priority. Find the My Story tab on your page and select the + sign under the media section to add an image or a video.


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