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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018 12:22PM PDT

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. This is definitely the case if we’re talking about fundraising. While every individual effort counts, sometimes it is best to combine forces with other like minded, do-gooders and become part of something bigger. The below article will explain how to Create or Join a team in just a few simple steps.

1. Create an Individual Fundraising Page
2. Create a Team
3. Join a Team


1. Create an Individual Page

To be a member of any fundraising team, you must first create an individual fundraising page. From the main campaign landing page, click Become a Fundraiser. Then follow the short form until your page is created. Congrats - First step completed!


2. Create a Team

If you are looking to create a team and have your friends and family join in, you can do so directly from your individual fundraising page.  To create a team click the My Storytab and find the Create or Join a Team button.

In the following pop-up window, click on Create a Team to get started!


Then, simply enter your team name along with your team fundraising goal. One thing you may notice as you type in your team name is that Classy does not allow duplicate team names. If you enter a team name that matches an existing team's name under the campaign you will be fundraising for, you will be asked to provide a new team name before you can finish creating your team. If that is, in fact, the team you are hoping to join, there is a button for you to quickly join that team instead of creating your own. Also, remember that your team fundraising goal can always be greater than your individual fundraising goal, so don't be afraid to set the bar high!

3. Join a Team

If your team is already created and you are looking to join a team, you would also want to click on the My Story tab in the middle of your individual fundraising page. Find the Create or Join Team button, and click Join Team. In the pop-up that appears, choose from the drop-down list of teams, and select Join team.

Team Fundraising Tips

Team Fundraising Progress: Any money given directly to a team fundraising page or an individual that is on a team page will roll up to the team fundraising page.

Editing the Team: Only team captains can edit a team page, if you are not the team captain and would like to be, contact the benefitting organization and they can assign you as team captain.

Leaving a Team: If you would like to leave a team, select the Leave Team option under the Team name on your individual page and you are back to being an individual fundraiser. The team lead and other team members will not receive a notification if you decide to leave your team.

Don’t see a Team option? It is possible that the nonprofit disabled team fundraising for a campaign, so if you are not seeing the option to Create or Join a team, you may want to reach out to the benefiting organization directly.

Who can edit the team?Only the team captain who created the team will be able to edit the team fundraising page. The organization account admin can update the page title, the team lead, short URL, and the team fundraising goal.

Learn more about editing your individual fundraising page

If you have any questions along the way please reach out to Classy Support.